Increase your sales

Quick and easy way to order for the customers. Add automatic recommendations to that, and you can be sure that RabbitOrder will increase your sales.

Turn tables faster

The customers get their orders faster and the payment process takes less time compared to the traditional way.

Happy customers

Your customers are happy because they don’t need to wait for the waiter or leave the table to queue for their drinks.


The customers can order without waiting for the waiter. The waiters serve customers faster and give better customer service when they save time from taking orders and payments. Orders and payments will be handled electronically, which reduces mistakes and abuses.


Your customers can enjoy their friend’s company at the table when they don’t need to go and queue to get new drinks. An easy way for customers to order. In addition, the automatic recommendations will increase your sales.


Room service in your customers’ phone. The orders will be recorded correctly and your employees save time from taking orders.


It takes a lot of time to take orders and payments. The more time it takes, the longer the lines will be. RabbitOrder enables people to pre-order and pay. In that way, you can serve more people during a limited available time.

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Erkka Tuomela is one founder of RabbitOrder and he is responsible for the sales and marketing. Erkka has worked about three years at Tieto, the largest Nordic IT services company. At Tieto, Erkka works as a manager of an international team developing mobile applications and web based solutions. Erkka has studied Entrepreneurship and Food economics at the University of Helsinki and IT business at Helsinki School of Economics.


Antti Mattila is another founder and he is responsible for the technical implementation of RabbitOrder. Antti has 15 years of experience from programming. He works at Reaktor, one of the best known creative tech companies in Finland.. Previously, Antti has worked at Accenture and Tekla. He has experience of many projects where payments or strong electronic identification have played a major role. These projects have been produced for well known international banks, insurance companies and teleoperators. Antti has studied computer science at the University of Helsinki.